Leiborschy's Ethos

8 week old Leiborschy A Full Shilling, a kiss for luck before he leaves for the next stage in his life.

We understand that owning a dog is a long term commitment. The correct choice of breed for your lifestyle and personality is crucial and cannot be arrived upon without research. The first weeks of a pup's life are fundamental in shaping its temperament and character and the role of the breeder in this cannot be over emphasized.

The Dog House ( where the dogs can escape from us !!)

We plan and rear well socialized puppies that are born and reared entirely in my homes for the time they are with me. The parents are hip scored and HUU tested. The puppies will leave micro chipped , with some basic training and a full support service that continues throughout the puppy's life. We provide an individual, comprehensive puppy pack for each puppy and am able to give guidance on training for the field and ring,  We fully support the British Veterinary Association Hip Scoring scheme and currently more than 34% of all Leiborschy bred dogs that are eligible for hip scoring have been scored. we am now in to my 4th generation of hip scoring.

In addition to hip scoring ( which we have been undertaking since 2000) we began, in January 2014, to test all dams and sires of my litters for the Hyperuricosuria ( HUU) mutation gene. We had become aware of the condition Urate Stone Disorder in the breed in 2013 from another breeder who had bred an HUU Affected puppy. we decided to HUU test any dogs and bitches in future matings to ensure Leiborschy never produce HUU Affected puppies. It is a simple, quick, inexpensive dna test and I now consider it a prerequisite in planning any litter. The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association are taking this issue very seriously and recommend ALL Wires used for breeding are HUU tested.

Any Leiborschy owner wishing to Huu test their dog/s contact me as I receive a 30% discount on the test through the Animal Health Trust.

Those researching the breed and litters should enquire as to the HUU status of the sire and dam so they are aware of the HUU status of the puppies in the litter. If the sire or dam of the litter are HUU CLEAR no AFFECTED puppies will result in the litter. If the sire nor dam is HUU CLEAR then all or a proportion of the litter will be HUU AFFECTED.

The Animal Health Trust provide a simple and inexpensive dna test to confirm HUU status of a dog in order that a correct HUU status mating partner can be selected. This test is vital for breeders if we are to eliminate this mutant gene from the breed.

We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

The Puppy Room

On this site you will see and follow the progress of each and every Leiborschy puppy and ownership of one of our puppies brings with it membership of my extended dog family. We stay in very close contact with our puppy families and many friendships are forged between Leiborschy puppy owners. .

We give very serious consideration to the placing of my puppies, it is vital for both breeder and prospective owner to have a mutual understanding of what is expected from both parties. Our puppies are generally booked well in advance, the prospective owners having visited me and met the dogs generally on more than one occasion.

If you would like information on future planned litters please feel free to contact us.

We invite anyone considering owning a Leiborschy HWV to visit me and meet the dogs to discuss the breed and its suitability.

We am always available for advice

Email - 01427 873035



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